CD100A - Gas Leak Detector



  • Simple, adjustable 'tic rate' increases as the sensor tip approaches a leak.
  • Detects Methane, Natural Gas, Butane and Propane amongst others.
  • Long 400mm gooseneck for hard to reach areas.
  • 'Tip-Light' illuminates the area of the leak.
  • Sensor provides accurate detection.
  • Rubber boot protects instrument.
  • Audio and visual 'tic-rate', fully adjustable.
  • Optional earpiece

Operating Instructions - English (PDF 355KB)

Operating Instructions - French (PDF 777KB)

The CD100A is the perfect heating engineer's tool. It pinpoints combustible gas leaks in residential and small commercial applications and also verifies that the work you have done is leak free.

Its new low power semi-conductor sensor responds instantaneously to all combustible gases or vapors. If it burns then the CD100A will detect it !

The simple operation starts by setting the Red LED and the audible ‘tick-rate’ to a background gas level. As the gas concentration increases the frequency of the flashes, and ‘tick-rate’ increase. To pinpoint a leak readjust the CD100A ‘tick-rate’ back to the background level, then move the instrument to suspected areas of higher gas concentration until the leak is found.

The CD100A has a long, flexible gooseneck and a small sensor head to allow its use in tight, difficult to reach areas. Viewing the area around the leak is made easy with a unique ‘tip-light’ incorporated into the sensor head.

After using the CD100A simply wrap its probe around the rubber sleeve for easy storage and protection. At 15oz or just under 0.5 kilo the CD100A is portable and light to carry